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SFINT: unrivalled expertise in measuring temperature

SFINT, founded in 1972 and acquired by Trescal in 2018, has always been a specialist in measuring temperature. Whether in manufacturing temperature sensors, calibrating sensors or on-site activities (checking heating installations and achieving compliance, industrial pyrometry) SFINT demonstrates specialised expertise which is recognized and appreciated by its clients.


Expertise in thermocouples

The most widespread thermocouples are often the least accurate. The best performance is provided by the S-type, combining platinum and rhodium. But non-standard thermocouples are sometimes used in certain industrial processes, usually during heat treatments in extreme pressure, vacuum, temperature or atmospheric conditions. An example is the testing of aeroplane wings, in order to recreate flight conditions.  With this in mind SFINT manufactures specific Nickel/Molybdenum (M-type) thermocouples which are used in vacuum furnaces and can reach 1,300°C.  M-type thermocouples are among the most unusual on the market, making SFINT an expert in the sector.

Expertise in calibrating temperature sensors

SFINT is equipped with a vacuum calibration bench for NiMo 18% (Nickel Molybdenum) thermocouples, and in 2019 succeeded in obtaining the renewal of its COFRAC accreditation for temperature calibration.

The firm carries out the following activities:

Calibration of vacuum measuring systems and refurbishment of vacuum gauges. The vacuum probes are calibrated either on the client’s site or on SFINT’s pump bench for direct comparison with the calibrated gauges. SFINT also offers the option of working on the following specific cases:

  • Replacement or preliminary maintenance of vacuum probes;
  • Testing the vacuum level of a chamber (cold or hot according to study);
  • Measuring Leakage Rate or Pressure Build-up Test (P.B.U.T.);
  • Measuring pumping times (test which, in combination with the P.B.U.T, enables the state of                  the vacuum chamber and its pumping unit to be monitored).

Refurbishment of vacuum gauges of various makes, types and models (PFEIFFER – ALCATEL – EDWARDS – LEYBOLD…). Each refurbished gauge is tested before being returned (for leaktightness, operation, measurements).

Responsible, customized proposals

SFINT’s strength is being able to provide tailor-made solutions in response to its clients’ needs. When there are constraints relating to space, conditions or specific connections, SFINT can come up with appropriate solutions.

Furthermore, the firm has adopted a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) framework aiming to contribute to sustainable development. It recycles the waste from the precious metals used in the manufacturing of sensors.

Foresight and maintenance to deliver optimal performance at all times

SFINT carries out installation diagnostics and achievement of compliance. The firm supports its clients at every step – functional checks, heat tests, electrical tests, research of hot and cold zones, studies of installations, setting up supplementary measuring systems, adjustments of correctors or supplying calibrated field test systems. This support is undoubtedly the secret of its success.